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Hospice Care

caregiver feeding an elderly woman

Hospice care is a specialized form of medical care which seeks to offer comfort and maintain the quality of life of patients facing a terminal illness. It involves giving individualized care focused on the holistic and overall well-being of patients by addressing their needs as their end-of-life is approaching. Hospice care is an approach to health care that emphasizes symptoms management and assistance to patients and their families as they cope with psychosocial and spiritual concerns.

Why Choose Hospice

During the challenging last stages of a serious disease, a lot of people feel they have lost control over their lives. However, hospice care helps them regain control over their treatment. It is a philosophy of care which focuses on comfort and supporting families as they share the precious moment with their loved one in the last chapter of his life. Our hospice team is composed of a doctor, registered nurse, hospice aid, chaplain, home health aide, bereavement specialist, and social worker who come for scheduled visits.

Who Benefits from Hospice

Hospice care is designed for patients who have an advanced disease, have six months or less to live, or have preferred to stop aggressive curative treatment. But hospice services can be rectified by a doctor beyond six months in 60-day increments. Aside from people with cancer, those who have end-stage heart disease, renal failure, dementia, lung disease, and liver disease can also benefit from hospice care. We consider and evaluate each patient on an individual basis.

Levels of Care

Each patient who’s getting hospice services will be on one of the following levels. Depending on the services required to fulfill the patient’s needs, he may move from one level to another.

  • Comfort care – Hospice is comfort care given to each patient in the form of symptom management. Experts in our hospice care team help the patient manage common end-of-life concerns like breathing problems, digestive issues, and pain.
  • End of Life Care – We give support and medical care to hospice patients during the time surrounding the end of his life. This includes addressing the spiritual and emotional aspects of end-of-life.
  • Assistance with Daily Living – We send out home health aides to assist patients with basic bedside care bathing, dressing, and activities of daily living.

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